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IES Pittsburgh Emerging Professionals

Are you an Emerging Professional in the Lighting Industry?

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) was established in 1906.  Since its inception, the mission of the IES has been to assemble a lighting knowledge base that can be used to improve the lighted environment by bringing together those with lighting knowledge into actions that benefit the public.  To accomplish this, the IES has brought together lighting professionals, engineers, manufacturers, and researchers with years of knowledge and experience.  That doesn’t mean you need to have 20 years of experience to contribute.  In fact, were counting on the fact that you don’t!

Getting through college is difficult enough. And now that you’re out, the next hurdle is finding a job that will allow you to put all of that knowledge and passion to good use!  You now have all of this technical knowledge; you know what lumens are, LEDs, drivers, spectral power distribution, inverse square law (actually, if you could explain that one to me I would really appreciate it).  Or, let’s say you’ve decided that your current career isn’t satisfying anymore.  You’ve decide to change careers and venture into the world of lighting.  Now what?   That’s where the IES comes in.  The IES has a program specifically for the Emerging Professional (EP). 

Eligability Requirements:

A recent graduate entering the workforce for the first time

A professional making a career move/change from outside of the lighitng industry

A person is considered an EP for up to five (5) years after graduation or entry into the lighting industry.

The EP program was started to connect people, new to the lighting industry, with others that have more experience.  Along with that repository of knowledge comes other benefits.  There’s a social aspect, as you start building a network of other lighting professionals.  Sometimes just talking about an issue out loud with someone else can provide the insight or break through you were looking for.  Knowledge is what you get when you learn, experience is what you get when you don’t.  Being an EP gives you access to literally thousands of people who have gained “experience”, allowing you to learn from them and expand your knowledge.  The EP program also offers study groups for those who want to become Lighting Certified (LC).  With knowledge comes confidence, and that confidence can grow into leadership.  But it’s not always easy stepping into that leadership role.  The EP program will expose you to opportunities that you won’t typically find in your job and can help accelerate your career.  This interaction between EP and seasoned professional is a two-way street.  As said in the beginning, the IES has been around since 1906, and that can give the appearance of a stodgy, set in their ways organization.  But that is not how the IES wants to be recognized.  The IES, as with any organization, needs new ideas and fresh perspectives; hence the EP program.  We want new voices to be heard and to challenge the status quo.    So, what is the cost for all of this?  Not $500 dollars! Not $250 dollars! Not $150 dollars! Not even $50 dollars!  All this can be yours for the low, low cost of, FREE!

The Pittsburgh Section of the IES sponsors up to five (5) EPs.  This sponsorship covers your IES membership for one year, EP dues are $95 per year ($200 for non-EPs), as well as the cost of the Section monthly meetings.  From September through June the Pittsburgh section offers a variety of seminars and building tours at different locations.  The seminars range in topics from new technologies, to presentations on new industry codes and standards.  The tours are of facilities with unique lighting installations.  Beyond the information and knowledge these monthly meetings provide, there is also the opportunity to socialize.  Discuss and, in some cases, commiserate with other industry professionals. 

"How do I apply for this wonderful opportunity?!” 

We're glad you asked!  Tell us, in a thousand words or less, a little bit about yourself; where you went to school or what industry you came from, why/how you think you could benefit from and contribute to the IES as an Emerging Professional.  The submissions are due by August 1st and can be e-mailed, in PDF format, to the Pittsburgh Section EP Chair, John Sundy, at .  The Board will review all of the submissions and chose up to five (5) people to be the recipients of the sponsorship.  So please tell your friends, tell your family, tell that guy you ride the bus with everyday on your way to work.  The IES needs you!